Making your Enterprise IT Environment ‘Bulletproof’

FIXMYPC Managed Services focus on making the administration of your core applications bulletproof to changes in personnel but flexible enough to change with your business requirements.

Whether your environment has been developed by FIXMYPC, by your internal team or by third parties, we can minimize the risk, complexity and uncertainty of keeping it all running smoothly. While all requirements are different, we typically follow this process:

Audit your existing environment

Identify your service level requirements, define a baseline for infrastructure performance and integrate the monitoring of your environment into FIXMYPC’s call management and support systems.

Document your IT environment

The next step is for your dedicated Consulting Engineers (CE) to document a Knowledge Base (KB) of the environment. This ensures that your people and our support team all have the accurate background and information to make any changes or resolve any issues fast.

Proactive health checks and monitoring

Periodic health check reports of the environment provide vital information to make decisions on forecasted and unexpected impacts on mission-critical systems caused by rapid growth or changes in business requirements.